JSW & Associates, Inc.

Jeffery S. Ward & Associates, Inc., is a hazard mitigation and acquisition firm with over 20 years of experience in mitigation planning and implementation of mitigation projects for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and for various states and communities throughout the United States. In addition to the principle of the company, Jeff Ward, the corporation has over 10 sub- consultants (subject matter experts) that are utilized on various previous and on-going projects.

Recent Experience

  • Assisted Communities in the acquisition and demolition of over 4,000 flood damaged and flood prone structures funded under HMGP, FMA, SRL, PDM, and RFC. Ensure flood victims get treated fairly and equitably throughout the acquisition process. Many of these included relocation assistance.
  • Currently Project manager for over 200 FEMA funded home elevation projects.
  • Currently Subject Matter Expert to the State of Vermont for all 2011 Disaster Declarations, to include Irene.
  • Oversaw the demolition process, from demolition bid through completion, for home acquisitions.
  • Technical Assistant to the State of Texas for FEMA mitigation programs.
  • Strategic Mitigation and acquisition consultants for the Township of Wayne NJ, Travis County TX, City of El Paso TX, Greenville SC, Jefferson Parish LA, and the City of League City TX.
  • Facilitated the development of over 30 FEMA approved DMA-2000 compliant Comprehensive Mitigation Plans and Flood Mitigation Plans; to include the State of New Jersey’s plan.
  • Facilitated the development of approved Emergency Operations Plans for the City of Pearland Texas and Hardin County, Texas.
  • Mitigation consultant, under long term contract, to the Texas Medical Center and all member facilities (over 50).
  • Assisted communities in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, and South Carolina with the preparation of successful (awarded) applications for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) project grants, Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) project grants, FMA planning grants, and Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) project grants, PDM planning grants, and Engineering Study Grants. These applications have resulted in over $700M of grant awards.
  • Project/Grant Implementer for the majority of the above mentioned awards
  • Experts in FEMA’s full and limited data module Benefit Cost software. Have completed individual B/C runs on over 80,000 structures. Analysis completed for a variety of mitigation projects (detention basins, channelizations, bridge raising, home elevations, home acquisition/demolition, and wind retrofitting).
  • Filed Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) claims. As the consultant to the Cities of Pearland, Friendswood, and Harris County we are the first in the country to file any significant number of ICC claims with NFIP (over 700 claims filed resulting in $5M in paid claims).


  • Implementing complex mitigation programs (Buyouts, Elevations, Drainage Projects).
  • Providing Acquisition and Relocation expertise to clients implementing both voluntary and non-voluntary acquisition programs.
  • Developing comprehensive hazard mitigation plans.
  • Developing Emergency Operations Plans.
  • Developing grant applications (HMGP, FMA, SRL, HMGP, PDM, and RFC).
  • Completing FEMA required Benefit Cost Analysis.
  • Developing Community Rating System (CRS) applications.
  • Participating on Client’s mitigation planning committees and recommending funding opportunities.
  • Providing pre-disaster data collection and planning.
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